Flashback Friday- Jingle Bear Rock

Friday, December 10, 2010

I know I keep talking about Christmas cards- and its because I'm obsessed. I anticipate getting them, I geek out over giving them. Opening the envelope is the equivalent of Christmas morning, to me. I lose touch with people so easily over time, and its very refreshing to sort of reconnect, even if its just through a simple piece of card stock hanging on my wall, for a couple weeks out of the year. Its nice.

So I wanted to flashback this week, using the photograph that we used for our very first Christmas card as a family. I don't have the actual card, apparently I never saved a copy (of if I did, its nowhere to be found), but I found the picture in a folder on my computer, and thats better than nothing.

Do y'all know what Jingle Bears are?
Another thing I'm obsessed with.
I've snuggled with one at bedtime ever since I was 3. Christopher hates it.

Eleanore's first Christmas, we dressed her up as a Jingle Bear...

...too cute, Eleanore.

I remember trying to get her to sit up on her own, and she kept falling over. Leaning her up against the records behind her only pushed them back, so then she fell, and they fell. I think this picture was snapped real quick, seconds before she toppled over- which would explain the slight blur on her face. The wobble head is always the first to go, haha.

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