4 Months Old

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A note to you, little girl, at your 4 month mark...

You're nestled in my lap while I type this, your face pressed deep into my chest. You've got a binky in your mouth, yet you still fuss. You want to be nursing, but I know that its not time to eat yet. Do you sense that I'm upset? Are you upset because I'm upset?

When your Daddy came home for lunch today, he told us to prepare ourselves for a possible deployment. Today is December 9th. He might leave as early as 2 weeks. Might, baby, its just a might. Don't cry, don't cry- you'll be okay. Mama's here. Brother is here. Sister is here. Daddy is still here, for now. And its not for sure. They've put Daddy on a special list, lets call it the GI Joe list. And if they need a GI Joe, then he has to go. So anytime between now and June, Daddy might have to kiss you goodbye when the phone rings, and go.

But lets not worry too much about that right now. Instead, lets take a look back at all a couple of beautiful pictures of you, from the past month.

It was cold outside, but your Brother and Sister wanted to play. We bundled up, all wearing sweaters and scarves- and as the sun lowered, you got tired. I set you down in the stroller to rest. The cold wind that blew across your face wasn't ideal for an afternoon nap, but the hat that your Aunt Steph made you kept you warm enough to tough it out.

You learned how to get along with your animal friends in your bouncer. You started grabbing the rings, tugging and pulling, making the music play all by yourself. You do this usually in the evenings, after Brother and Sister have gone to bed.

This is the day that we set up the Christmas tree. You're not big enough to help, but maybe next year? I propped you up on the couch, where you could see what everybody else was doing- you really like the view from there. You heard your first jingle bells, your first Christmas songs, saw your first snow globes. It was a big day for you. And hopefully it always will be.

Eleanore loves you. More than you'll ever know, I'm sure. She always wants to hold you. We only let her do it if Mommy and Daddy are right there beside her. And if she can't hold you, then she "just looks at you". She always wants to be near you.

...I'm sure that will change, in the future, haha.

Your red hair is starting to fall out. I can only hope that it grows back the same color. Or at least, a similar color. Your red hair is beautiful. I'll never forget when you were born, the comments that everyone made about your hair. The doctors, and nurses- they couldn't get enough of you. But if it decides to turn a blond, or a brown- we'll all love you just as much. Those chubby flushed cheeks, and that happy giggle. There isn't a sweeter baby on earth.

And sometimes, you have so much fun when you're playing- that you fall asleep right where you are. You don't even say goodnight, you just close your eyes on accident, and away you go, into a dream.

...but now, Miss Evelyn, my very favorite picture. I saved the best for last.

I don't think any words could possibly do this photograph justice. I won't even try.

I love you, Evelyn June. Its been the most wonderful 4 months. Watching you and your siblings grow is the reason for my very existence. I hope that you always know that.

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