The Ft. Worth Zoo

Monday, December 20, 2010

We've been trying to road trip it over to Ft. Worth, to visit the zoo there, for months now. Every time we think its going to happen, something steps in the way. Like the weather producing a massive hail storm, or say- a car accident? But finally, the skies cleared, and everything fell into place.

*80 degree temperatures (In December?!)- check.
*Christopher getting approved for a couple days of leave- check.
*Payday- check.

So without any prior mention of it, we fed the babies breakfast, strapped them into the car, and as we were pulling out of the driveway announced "we're going to the Fort Worth zoo!".

I watched their faces in the rear view mirror, as their thoughts processed from "we're probably going to the store" to "we're going to see gorillas!", and it was awesome.

So we hit the road.

Did I mention that The Night Fury (our new van) has a DVD player in it? HECK YES IT DOES. So they watched Shrek in the back, while Christopher and I talked about assertiveness in the front, and 3 hours later- we were there.

The baby needed to eat as soon as we got there, so I pulled up a spot in the back row, lifted my shirt, and let her suckle herself full, while Christopher got the two older ones lunch in the trunk. It was all very chaotic, but when you can't stop at a McDonalds like the rest of the world, you make do with tuna packets and corn chips.

And now for the pictures...

Eleanore looking out at the Monkeys



Curious little Charlie.




Making a new friend.

Mama makes friends, too.

Lazy kangaroo.


Totally creeped out in reptiles.

"Watch the gazelle".

Helping Elie get a better view.

And of course, there were flamingos.

But now, my very favorite pictures...

A gorilla, enjoying a snack off in the distance.

I had no idea that in just a few minutes, as we were leaving primates, that we'd have the experience of a lifetime...

Just as we rounded the corner, we came face to face with the most beautiful gorilla.

She just sat there, behind the glass, in silence. Being still.

This photograph is above and beyond any clever caption that I might be able to come up with.

Time stood still.

Charlie wanted to give her a kiss.

But even though I wanted to stay there all day, we had to move on, and let another family get up close and personal.

Towards the end, eyes and legs started to get tired. Too much excitement for one day.

So we waved goodbye to the Elephants, and headed straight for home.

We had the very best time, on our day trip. No meltdowns, no bee stings, and it wasn't until the very last 45 minutes in the car, that two out of three started screaming.

I'd say, it couldn't have gone any better.

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