Flashback Friday- Santa/Baby

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I don't know if you read my last entry or not, but- I'm still alive. This is by far the worst stomach virus I've ever had invade my personal space, but I'm putting up a fight. I haven't won yet- I'm still eating nothing more than plain white rice, and rolling myself into a couch bound ball of pajama pants and red hair every hour and a half, begging for relief of the stabbing pain that lingers in my right side.

There is an end in sight. Theres got to be. Even if I can't see it.

I hope that everyone is having the merriest Christmas eve possible. I hope that your mailboxes have been filled with colorful envelopes from friends and loved ones. I hope that you all have brightly lit trees, with neatly (or not so neatly) wrapped packages below them. And most of all, I hope that you are all surrounded with the love of the season, celebrating the real meaning of the holiday (and not just hoping that your husband bought you a new Instax camera, and maybe some lavender bubble bath *fingers crossed*), which for our family, is the birth of Jesus Christ, but for yours, might be something completely different.

And now we flashback...

Look at my bald headed old man of a 4 month old Eleanore, sitting up so properly and pretty on hobo Santa's lap. Her head is bigger than his is.

This picture was taken 4 years ago, when we flew home for Christmas. My BFF Kalii was working at the North Pole in the mall, and told us to come by for free pictures.

So we did!

Too bad she forgot to tell us that the Santa there was on crack.

Thats okay though. Because as terrible as the picture is, my beautiful baby is smiling and happy. And really- the picture is so bad that its just so good.

I'm still a penny pincher, and I refuse to pay studio photography prices. Have you taken your kids to sit on Santa's lap lately? It costs a fortune!! The cheapest package is like $30, for one picture.

Here in Abilene, they have this really rad place where you can drive your car down "Christmas Lane" and see all of the light displays that various businesses from around town have setup, and then in the end you can park and go inside of a building and look at more displays, drink hot chocolate, watch the Polar Express on a big screen, watch a train go around and around and around, and of course- sit on Santa's lap.

Oh but, the best part? Its all run on donations only. Its free.
We gave them $5.

So tonight, even though the thought of buttoning my jeans (which have never been easier to button, thanks to my new diet viral infection), was enough to make me toss and turn on the couch all day, I took one for the team, toughed it out for my babies, and down to the North Pole we went.

I want to go on and on about how awesome it was. About how excited Charlie was to see Santa, about how Evelyn was wide awake and smiling the whole time, about how Eleanore wouldn't tell Santa what she wanted (a bike, which shes getting btw) because she had already told him when she ran into him at the Base Exchange earlier this week- but I don't think I'd be able to stop myself. It was all so perfect. If I go into details, I'll never shut up.

And besides. I have last minute wrapping to do.

Shall we compare Eleanore's first Santa picture, with Evelyn's?
Yes please!

Both round and chubby. Both losing their newborn hair. Both totally and completely babylicious in their little my-first-Christmas dresses.

Pretty good, right? I love it.


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