Flashback Friday- Making A Christmas Card

Friday, November 19, 2010

Getting a late start, this Flashback Friday.
I thought it was Thursday.

Really though. I watched Greys Anatomy last night, I mentioned something about "so glad tomorrow is Friday, and hubby and I can have our on the couch with cable date night!", I even made a comment about Thanksgiving being in exactly one week.

...yet I still woke up, thinking that today was Thursday. Again.

So anyways. Since I've got Christmas card making on the mind (we're taking pictures for that this weekend, and I'm brainstorming), I thought I'd go back through my files and pick out some of the pictures from our photo shoot that we had at the Air Park (we live on an Air Force base, with miles of vintage parked planes on display) last year.

We went down there on Veterans Day, Santa hats in hand and briefly on heads, and played it by ear. It was just Charlie and Eleanore back then, Charlie not even walking yet. Eleanore mostly just wanted to run through the grass and pick flowers, rather than wear her holiday hat, but we managed to get at least one Christmas looking shot of her...

Yep, that second one there is the one that made the cut.

Charlie wasn't yet obsessed with planes, so he spent most of his time crawling around, in search of the most delicious looking rocks.

Yumm, must have found a good one.
Ok, but before you break the few teeth that you have...

There we go.

Oh, wait, whats that?
You're sitting right next to ant hill?!
Well of course you are! We're awesome parents, and totally saw it before we put you down.

Oh my God somebody please pick up the baby!

This was one of my favorite pictures of Eleanore. Sitting there all pretty in the grass, blowing the seeds off of flowers.

And this was another one, because she never sits still for pictures with me. Ever. This one didn't make it to the card, but it is in a collage frame in our living room.

And my boys.
Love these boys.

Me and Christopher.

Aaaaand the money shot. The centerpiece of our 3 blocked collage card.

I literally had to run, after setting the timer on the tripod. I think we did this shot 3 times before we got one where I had actually made it to the bench before the timer went off.

Oh wait wait wait! Theres one more!

As we were leaving, walking back to the car, a random shirtless jogger, an elderly man, stopped to take our picture. He came up, asked if he could get a shot of our "beautiful family" (he mentioned how beautiful we were at least 5 times, and kept thanking us?), suggested we take it "over there", and then proceeded to take my camera, stand us all in the sun, blind us, and wash us all out...

Ok but after playing with it a little, the photo turned out to be kind of perfect. Probably because of the half naked sweaty man who took it.

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