Flashback Friday- Sasquatch As A Toddler

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I have to tell you, the past week has been so very freeing. Some of you only visit our blog on Fridays, to play along with our cutesy game of memory, so in case you maybe missed it- I made a bold move, and disabled comments. <--- click there for the details. I won't lie, I'm dying to know everyones opinion. I'm wondering what readers have decided to stay, what readers have dropped off the radar, and my biggest curiosity, Jerry Maguire style- whos comin' with me?

I guess really, I'm hoping that another busy mom blogger somewhere will have maybe read it, and gotten inspired to do the same.

But isn't that every bloggers dream?
To inspire?

Well. Inspiring or not (I'm sure theres a good handful of people that still have no idea what I'm rambling on and on about, haha- what the heck are comments?), its been an amazing week of not being obligated or influenced by the opinions of others when it comes to my writing and online socialization (or lack there of). And I'm loving it.

So, as you might have guessed, the comments will be closed on Flashbacks too, from now on. That doesn't mean I won't stop by and read yours, because I read them all, always- even if it takes me through the weekend to do it. And of course, if you have something that the tip of your tongue simply cannot hold back, never ever ever ever hesitate to send us an email. You'll find it at the bottom of the page, where its always been. And I sort of check my email as often as I change diapers, so...

Oh, you're sick of my talking? Right, well I'm missing Harry Potter and my butt is falling asleep from sitting on this uncomfortable wooden chair (maybe thats what I'll ask for, for Christmas!!). I'm with you, onto the flashback!!



I know, right?

Christopher was friggen CAH-YUTE! Still is, if you ask me, heee.

Thats where the kids get their crazy adorable jowls cheeks from. Thats where todays youth is getting their hairstyle inspirations from. And that, is the reason the sweater vest is still very much alive.

Flashback with us! Go through your polaroids, scrapbooks, old crappy cell phone pictures- whatever you've got. Scan them, upload them, get them onto the computer somehow, and then share them with the world! Or... with us at least. Post them onto your blogs, write a little bit to go with them- tell us your story. When you're all finished, grab one of our buttons from down below (wayyyy down there at the bottom of our page) and put it somewhere inside your post (or link back to us the old fashioned text way). Come back here to this post, and add your link to the photo list below!

And if you've got a minute, maybe go poke around some of the other flashbacks posted, and leave a comment on another blog or two?

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