Awesome People of October

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Well, seeing as how I've already got you here and all, would you mind taking a brief minute or five, to observe all of the awesomeness that is our October sponsors?

Without these talented artists/crafters- I wouldn't keep my fingers so eagerly clutched to my keyboard. Truth.


Uff-da Designs.
Dot Handmade.

Maggie's Studio.

The Charm Lady.
13 Plum Knitting.

The Frog Bag.

A Starlight Creation.

Muffintop Designs.
Random Pretties.


Also, remember that giveaway we did last weekend? For the awesome free food?! Well- Smart Treats has extended their awesomeness (because this is the awesome October post), and they're offering you all a discount on their delicious gluten free/ dairy free/ vegan goodies!!

How about "1 free item with a $40 purchase"., and $40 gets free shipping, too!. The code is TIA40FREE1.

Free shipping is a big deal when ordering food products, and you know it.

I'm totally going to take advantage of this offer, and go crazy ordering healthy snacks for my family.

Here's how it works:

-You'll place your order for $40 worth of items in the shopping cart.
And then you'll ALSO need to place the "free item" in the checkout cart (so that it will end up on their bake schedule).

-You'll need to enter the code TIA40FREE1 in the comments section.
When they see the discount code, they'll manually deduct the price of the most expensive item (that's the one you'd want free, right??) before running the credit card.

-Unfortunately, they do not have a way to automatically/immediately show the discount in the shopping cart -- it's a manual process.

So, for example, if you order $42 in products, and then adds a "free" $6 item, the shopping cart will show a total of $48.

But, when they see TIA40FREE1 in the comments section, the $6 will be manually deducted, and the credit card will actually be run for only $42.

Does all of that make sense? Kinda complicated, I know, but- y'all, its free food! With free shipping! Make sure to go to Smart Treat's website to take advantage of the discount.


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