She bangs.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

As if I don't talk about my hair and all of its adventures enough... I think I've decided to get bangs again. I'm going through my mid pregnancy identity crisis, which I think might really exist. It must, because my blogger bff a muted palette recently wrote briefly about her similar situation here. And shes also pregnant. Yesterday before going to the store I threw a well controlled fit when I couldn't find anything to wear. I've had a really hard time this pregnancy finding shirts that will cooperate with my extremely well developed chest. So while I wear an XL in most things, my chest wears a XXXL. See how that doesn't quite work out? Well after deciding on something to wear (a regular band tshirt on top of a plain black maternity tank), I thought about how maybe its not my clothes I'm mad at. Maybe its my face. Or, my hair. Its always my hair. Of course I'm going to blame my hair. Don't let our profile picture fool you, that was taken over a year ago when my hair was red and short. Its now long and black. And in need of a serious bang.

-"Wear It. Love It. - Cassette Pin Badge Blank Card for Any Occasion", by TeaAndCeremony, $5.00.


jessicajane August 30, 2008 at 1:29 PM  

as i straightened my hair yesterday i trimmed it a little, then i kept positioning my bangs to see what theyd look like straight across and high up. im in serious need of something new but i dont know what!

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