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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Last October I took a trip up to Oklahoma City for The Girlie Show, a 2 day long art event (I was participating as Hey Lady!). My best friend Kalii flew down from Portland, and besides the accidental food poisoning on the way, we had a great road trip. Her and I have a history of road trips. Before the husband and kid came along, we would pack up every summer and go out on the warped tour. Not the entire tour. About two weeks. And to be truthful, I have to mention that before I went with Kalii, I went with my good friend Christy. Anyways. I think 2004 was our last year doing this (me and Kalii), and we had the perfect ending to a perfect summer. By our last date, we had befriended everyone from the headliners to the catering staff. We had the time of our lives dancing the night away at our last after party, this one happened to be 80's themed. Well, at the time I was really into wine coolers. Yes, I was that girl. Turns out the blue Hawaiians I had guzzled, turned my tongue blue. In the polaroid to the right, I had taken a fellow dancers hat to strike a pose for the lady with the camera. So as I was chattin' it up with this person and that person, they were probably laughing at my tongue more than what I was saying. The next day Kalii ran into one of the guys I had been talking to the night before, we'll just call him "very sexy man that is ridiculously famous now" (ugh), and when she said my name he replied "oh the Betty with the blue tongue". I don't think I ever drank another wine cooler again. So Kalii and I road trip it up to Oklahoma City, right? When we get there, we call our friend Susan, the fabulous creator of Born2BeeWild, who we're going to be staying with. Let me tell y'all about Susan. Shes the coolest mom on the block, this you can tell by looking at her fabulous punk rock baby clothes. Her house was decorated in bright colors (just how we like it!) and full of funky finds, right down to her diner style kitchen table. Her house was inspiring. Do you ever go into someones house, and you're just like "wow... I want this"? Well that's pretty much what it was like. The whole house. And everything in it. The dining room I think had been turned into her studio, where guitar and skull outfits were practically hanging from the ceiling as she got ready for the Girlie Show. Susan's daughter Ava, is just a couple weeks older (or maybe it was younger) than our daughter Eleanore. Aww, and Baby A sure makes a cute model for her mama's clothing line. She came to visit on the 2nd day of the show, decked out in Born2BeeWild, and fully prepared to entertain the crowd with her powerful tutu. Susan makes clothes from 3 months all the way up to 6T. So when your baby grows out of your favorite pink and black "Toxic" onesie, you can get them a more sophisticated "I Bite" tshirt. It works out perfectly. And make absolutely sure to check out Susan's new line of Rock Star Kid Cuffs. They are SO dang cute, and totally customizable. They're made out of fabric, so they won't restrict your little rocker from moving his or her wrist, and they come in every size you can think of, so you know they have one in baby _______'s size. And seriously, for only $10 a pop, you know you need one, and quite possibly two. Keep an eye out for Born2BeeWild in the future, and next time you're at the warped tour, drink a blue wine cooler for me.


SecretMe April 2, 2008 at 12:28 PM  

great! and I like your blog ;)

Born 2 Bee Wild April 2, 2008 at 8:36 PM  

Tia, this review gave me chills. YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!!

If you're down for a road trip this summer, let me know. Momma needs a vacation...BAD! ;)


Memoirs of a Mental Mind April 28, 2008 at 7:20 PM  

I own a few of her things! I love them!! My son looks sooo cute in them!! :) I wish she had some short sleeve 2T shirts so that i could get him something new! hint..hint to her...hehe ;)

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