I'm Bored

Sunday, September 30, 2012

I'm bored, y'all. Bored is the best word I could come up with. I've had visions of sugar plums something a little more, me, in my head for awhile now. Thats not saying that this blog isn't me, but- well... the pictures on the sidebar are two years old. The background wallpaper has faded into a blanket of white, and my previous blog designer has seemingly fallen off the face of the planet (and good for her, don't we all wish we could live off the grid?). I never did fill out the "about us" section, or the "our vegan lifestyle" bit, because... to be honest: we're not vegan anymore. Our lives have changed so drastically, and so quickly... this whole thing that we had going on for us here in this little space on the web, its just time to wrap it up. Sometimes I pop back in and blow lightly on the embers to keep the story burning, but the chapters that have been written here over time are ready to fade into a sequel. With a new setting, and some new characters, and maybe a little adjustments to the theme.

Whats really going on here, is: I love my family. I love living with them. I love photographing and documenting them, I love teaching them and growing with them. But I am more than my family.

I need an outlet. I need a place to write and expand my feelings. My feelings. My. Me. Mine.

...as a mother of 3, soon to be 4- I have gone through a major metamorphosis. I ate my way through like 12 ice cream cones, and then the entire locally grown organic farmers market before I turned into a butterfly. And maybe I'm still missing a few spots on my wing or whatever, but- I need a place where I can project whats really on my mind, and push myself in personal ways beyond motherhood. Because even though my family just sees me as the lady that takes them to and from the beach on any given day, prepares random batches of chocolate pudding and sprinkles their favorite cookie crumbs on top when they're having a particularly crumby day (oh you totally chuckled), and the unofficial dr who pulls sea urchin spines and soccer field thorns out of palms and knees... its time that I start seeing myself as more.

I'm looking for a blog designer- is there anyone out there that can help me? I've window shopped around, looking at other blogs and design listings on etsy, but seriously, its all too much. Either its too over stimulating, or the price for the my clean slate settings is just too much. I'm not looking for anything fancy, something pretty simple actually, but- I don't know the first thing about how to install a design, or how to edit a banner in photo shop. And yeah it might be simple to learn, but I just do not have the time. I've just moved across an ocean, I've got an entire house to put together (starting tomorrow), I've got a whole lotta potty training to do before our new baby comes in 8 weeks, some major holidays on the horizon, oh yeah and a husband, and... I'm just busy. So if maybe you've got a minute, and you think you can help me, will you email me? My contact info is over there on the side of the page :)

To be continued...

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