Noni Comes For A Visit- Part 1

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Its been a long and exciting weekend. ...Oh, its Wednesday? Well it feels like Monday.

Christopher had Friday off of work, so he walked Eleanore to school with me, followed by some house cleaning and babysitting. The hot weather dropped about 20 degrees, so of course we spent hours and hours outside, whether there were chores to be done or not. My mother in law flew in the next day, all the way from Boise, and arrived sometime in the evening. The first night was a blur, but I know that food documentaries and story tellings were involved. ...and maybe we all 3 fell asleep on the couch.

I have no idea what happened on Sunday. Maybe I snuck away to visit a friend for an hour or two, while Mother and Son visited with each other. Maybe there were shopping trips to the grocery store. Its all kind of a blur (isn't it always?).

On Monday I managed a sunrise photo shoot in the freezing cold (60 degrees requires a winter jacket, for those of us acclimated to the 105 degree afternoons), just before the family and I scurried off to the Buffalo Gap Historical Village (which is a whole nother post all in itself). The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing, watching silly Jackie Chan movies and snacking on grapes, and then staying up late watching I-forget-what, because again, I fell asleep.

It turns out that Noni had gotten an extra day off, so instead of going home on Tuesday, she helped me walk Eleanore to school, toured her classroom, and kept me company running around town all day long, stopping to hunt for thrift store treasures, return broken lava lamps, and then later in the evening spending more time with her son, collecting last minute school supplies, and feasting on the best darn green salad dressing that ever did exist.

Maybe that last run on paragraph sentence didn't make much sense?

A few pictures from Sunday ...

Eleanore and Noni became good friends instantly. They bonded over chalk, hearts, and rainbows.

Christopher looked under the hood of my car ;)

There was beam balancing, racing, laughing, and falling.

Beautiful driveway art.

Reflections, clouds, and sunset gas tanks.

Scooter riding. Always, scooter riding.
Its a way of life.

And at the end of the night, new friendships had been made to last forever and ever.

To be continued...

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