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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

While everything has been about big sister Eleanore for the past couple of weeks, first her 5th birthday and then starting school- this afternoon I had a very sweet moment with the younger babies.

The house was quiet for a very short while, just long enough for Charlie and Evelyn to fall asleep, allowing me to juice 3 bags of grapes, make a lunch smoothie, and clean up the mess. I swear, as soon as I finished my last delicious gulp of fruit blend, I heard Evelyn's beautiful baby babbles sing matter of factly down the hallway at me.

So up I went.

And our moment we had.

Standing there in her crib like such a big girl, laughing and squealing with delight at the sight of my face and the sound of my voice.

Miss Babykins- good morning to you!

And then a few minutes later, two doors down, an awkward snore coming from Brother's room hightened my senses. So I went to take a peek...

He sat up for a brief moment, rubbed his eyes, mumbled something about Doc Hudson (because he found his missing friend in Mommy's never-ever-used accessory case, which apparently doubles as a parking garage), and in the short moment that I turned my back to check on baby sister who was still talking to herself back in our bedroom- he had fallen back down onto his comfortable mattress, and back into a semi deep sleep. More mumbling. More snoring.

Boy how I wish I could have joined him.

For the past few weeks, and especially this last one, its been non stop go go go for me. From 5am, before the sun mind you, until I crash with a face full of pillow around 10:00 at night.

I, am, tired.
And lazy. I don't have time to edit photos and make them pretty anymore- I'm surprised I even have the energy to resize them.

But gosh, those perfect moments, with puffy eyed babies hugging little toy cars, and gap toothed red heads wearing crib rumpled tutus...

Its all worth it.

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