Our Ho Hum 4th Of July

Monday, July 4, 2011

I feel really guilty, that we didn't do anything extraordinary for the 4th of July this year. Its been eating away at me all day, actually. Last year Eleanore and I spent the whole day slaving away in the kitchen, baking the most beautiful bumbleberry American pie you've ever seen. We painted my belly in homemade red white and blue paints, and announced that our baby-to-be was a girl. We waved flags and wore festive shirts. Last year was awesome.

This year we didn't even do so much as a single holiday craft.

Where have I gone?

I know I have a really good excuse. I hate my excuse though. I don't want to acknowledge it. Maybe acceptance is coming?

We were going to go to a fireworks show tonight down by the zoo, we had been talking about it for the past couple of days. But as time wore on, and we saw the exhaustion in the babies eyes (and attitudes), we had to go back on our word and make the choice to be the most awful parents that ever were, and keep the kids home. After last nights failed attempt at watching Transformers 3 at the drive in, going out on another late night adventure just didn't seem worth it. We knew it would end in tantrums and discipline before the fun ever had a chance to get started.

Earlier today, I had offered a gal here on base some of our fireworks, since you can't buy them around town (because of the burn ban), and she had been wanting to get some sparklers to do with her son. Upon going through our stash, we decided that maybe we'd like to do some too? Ignore the illegal firework trafficking and usage, please.

So thats what we did instead.

No big fireworks show.
No cutesy arts and crafts.

Just a walk around the block after dinner (which was pie, by the way- raw and vegan and grain free and all that good stuff), and then some sparklers in a jar on the back patio.

Charlie was so curious. Colorful ribbon sticks in glass jars?! ...sign him up!

Well I'll tell you whats better, son... You can set them on fire!!

This has to be my new favorite picture. Its usually so hard for me to capture Charlie's happiness in a still shot, but this time I think I nailed it. He couldn't have been more pleased by our dinky backyard spectacular.

Eleanore on the other hand, huddled herself away from the oh-so-scary-flames in the opposite direction, safe on her yard waste paper bag island. I can totally relate though, Missy, Mama's terrified of them too.

So I guess while this year could have been better, it could have been worse too, right? And if nothing else, it opened my eyes to how I need to make even more of an effort, no matter what my excuse says.

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