The New Flashback Friday Host...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

So if you missed last weeks flashback, then you might want to go read it? But to save you the trouble and make a long story short- I've tossed in the flashbacking towel.

Note: I've quit flashbacks, not blogging.

Don't worry though, I've found somebody really awesome to take over. And to help y'all ease from fridays at my blog, to hers, shes put together a little vlog for ya...

Aww, Lauren. I'm so glad that you accepted my offer to take over as host. You're perfect for the job. The flashback queen. ...And how cute of you to make a video for everyone! You're adorable.

Alright friends, I've got floors to steam mop and tv shows on Netflix to watch. Grab your links and wander over and visit the new host of Flashback Friday (that was a link, in case you missed it). I'll miss you!

So don't be strangers?

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