Sleep Popsicle Eating

Monday, May 30, 2011

We had a lot of fun today. This whole weekend, actually. Its kind of flown past us though, with a flash of budget plannings, house cleanings, grocery stores, presentation givings, yoga practicing, and then today- a day of play.

Charlie had so much fun today, in fact, that after an afternoon in the warm Texas sun, splashing around in the water with friends and siblings, he got gosh darn tuckered out.

See, there he is, just absolutely exhausted.

But wait, wasn't he just holding a...

homemade popsicle? ...yep.

Awww, so tired Mister. So so tired, that you fell asleep before you could finish your delicious frozen orange/pineapple/strawberry treat! Poor thing. Here, let Mommy take that from you (heeeeeeee).

So we walked away, went on with our business, and let the little man collect some energy from his dreams, still sitting in his sticky mess of pink popsicle drippings, mouth hanging wide open to catch any fly that dared enter.

Awhile later, I hear Christopher and his friend Brent behind me chuckling. I turn around, and see the funniest thing that I've maybe ever seen any of our children do, ever.

Poor Charlie. The last thing he knew, he was holding and eating a popsicle. So in his groggy state of summer sleepyness, he thought he was still eating that popsicle.

I was only able to catch a single air lick on video, before the crying baby (and probably our not so silent laughter) woke him up, and he realized that there was a camera in his face, and no popsicle in his hand.

So thats what happens when you have a really fun (memorial)day, fall asleep with a popsicle in your hand, and then walk away from your dreams with the idea that you're still eating it. Nothing could be cuter.

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