Combat Boots, Care Bears, and Stick Belts

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I spent the morning dropping off toddler poop samples at the hospital and running errands with the Easter Bunny. While I was stressing over whether or not my van was going to be towed because I parked in the physicians parking lot, or what in the heck I'm going to put into my kids plastic eggs (since we don't do candy, and pennies are only fun for so many eggs), Christopher and the older two were staying behind at home, cleaning the play room and putting away week old laundry.

The house has kind of gotten out of control, with Christopher working so much. Between his never being home, and my being overwhelmed with life- the kitty litter probably hasn't been taken out in a month. Not that the cat poops in the dang box anyways, she'd much rather make a mess in the dirt where the kids play. Thanks cat!

I'm on day 4 now, of this raw food diet. When I woke up this morning my appetite was missing, and I've been battling a headache all day. I'm ready for this detox transitional period to be over. can't I just skip it and fast forward to the glowing skin and healthy body part??

Things haven't been very exciting around here. The kid have been running around either half naked, or wearing entirely too many clothes for an 80 degree day, and doing whatever they can to keep entertained.

Example: Wearing and sharing Daddy's work boots while he checks his email before heading out the door to work.

Or playing "I care for you" with baby sister on the couch while Mommy tries to have some quiet alone time.

The kids are on this non stop Care Bears II kick right now.

Aaaand bending up purple plastic sticks formally used for holding up tacky character themed mylar balloons, and turning them into fashionable belts.

Oh the things that the babies do when they're bored.
I wonder what they'll do tomorrow? Because I'm betting tomorrow will be a whole lot like today.

Only, hopefully without this awful headache.
And no more Mom-takes-poop-to-hospital deliveries.

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