A Visit From The H-Men (part 3)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In case anybody was wondering (because I know my Grammy certainly was, tee hee), I skipped a day or two of blogging because of an insane allergic reaction to an antibiotice that was prescribed to me last week. I'll spare you the personally horrifying details, but if anyone ever has any questions about the drug Macrobid and pyscotic tendencies, don't hesitate to ask.

Now on with the show-


Something that we have to do whenever somebody comes to town, is go to the zoo. Abilene is a small town, with like 3 things to do. 1) Eat. 2). Sleep. 3) Go to the zoo.

One of the days that Christopher's family was here, Christopher had to work. Something went sour with his leave, so he had to go in for a day, leaving me and the in laws alone to fend for ourselves.

Well it was a really nice day, maybe too nice, so we decided to go downtown to see the animals. However- I had completely forgotten that it was the last day of spring break, and with the weather being 90 degrees and gorgeous, of course everyone and their grandpa was there, including us.

Between the water stand not taking debit cards, and Charlie having skipped his nap (which he does regularly now), the kids and I ended up taking off early while Dave, Josh, and Christl stayed behind. But before we left, with tantruming toddlers in tow, of course some fun was had!

I was hoping to get a picture or two of the Lioness with her baby cubs, but none of them turned out. To be fair, I was taking pictures with a 7 month old strapped to my chest. I bet the Lions were just loving the sunshine though. At least they sure looked like they were.

Dave really helped me out with the stroller. Well, with Charlie, really. Those two were best buddies, the whole time we were there. And it was really awesome, to just stand back and watch them interact. I was keeping a pretty good distance from the two, so I don't know what kind of man to man conversations they were having, but I could tell that Charlie was loving every minute of it.

I took a picture of them taking a quick break in the shade...

By this point, Charlie's cheeks were bright red, and I had been dumping water over his head to cool him off. He didn't like that so much, which you might be able to see based on the look that hes glaring at me, but- a Mom's gotta do what a Mom's gotta do.

I always wonder if we'll ever live closer to family, and if we do, who will it be and how close will our family's become. Right now, with the way it is, the kids really don't know anybody. They've had a few visitors over the years, but never really bonded with anyone. Not bonds that lasted, at least.

So I wonder, will these pictures be as special to them as I hope they will?

Will these pictures spark memories that might otherwise be forgotten?


The giraffe exhibit at the Abilene zoo is pretty amazing when it comes to getting up close and personal. They used to have it so that you could feed them rye crackers day and night, but- they've since done away with that. Crackers in the bed or not though, you can still climb the sky bridge to be face to face with a spotted long neck, and maybe if you're lucky, get licked by one of their long purple-ish tongues.

Eleanore marched right on up there, with Uncle Josh and Christl. They all loved it. And I loved it, because I got to just stand behind in the shadows, a tired baby resting her sweaty head on my tattoos, and watch the story of "nice to meet you, Mr. Giraffe" unfold in front of my squinting eyes.

And there were fish.

And there were leopards.

But soon the heat got to us, so we made our dashing exit that I had previously mentioned. No shame in calling in quits, when you've got hot tired babies to take care of.

...and I doubt that anybody will be surprised to hear about the part 4 to this series thats coming tomorrow. Thats the final chapter though, I promise.

To be continued...

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