A Visit From the H-men (part 1)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

People don't come to see us very often. They're always saying that they're going to- they ask us if we're doing anything on this date or mention in a conversation that they were thinking about flying out during that week, but- they never do. The last time we had out of town guests, was in December 2009. ...and we can't really blame people, because we are kind of way out here in the middle of nowhere.

But nobody came when Evelyn was born.
And nobody came after Evelyn was born.

And it was really kind of depressing. Especially when we see that the same people who said that they were going to come, at one time or another, go other places instead.

But again. We are pretty far off the beaten path, and can't let our hearts get too sore over our lack of company. We understand. We don't' like it, but, we understand.

Finally though, somebody said they were coming, and then they actually came!

Somewhere around ten pm on Wednesday night, Christopher's Dad, Brother, and Brother's girlfriend, walked into our home just in time for freshly made chocolate chip cookies. I didn't want the house to smell like diapers, and I needed something to keep my impatience at bay.

Josh and Crystl went down to Ventura to meet up with Grandpa Dave, and then they all flew to Dallas, and drove from there to Abilene.

The first ones to meet Miss Evelyn.

The older two were asleep when they arrived, so they didn't get to meet them until the next morning. Which was nice, it gave us all a chance to greet each other, snack on cookies, and play a game or two of wii, before heading to bed.

It was so nice to see Dave holding the baby. She wasn't quite sure of who he was, or why someone other than Mommy was holding her, but she didn't cry or fuss (not then, at least), she just kinda went with it.

And he seemed to enjoy it quite a bit as well. When you go from living on a boat by yourself, to holding a 7 month old in a faraway state, its got to be a little bit awkward, but- it was a nice change for the both of them.

The cat insists that anyone thats here, is here visiting her. So while Christopher and Josh started making an avatar for wii sword fighting (or whatever it was that they ended up playing), Bomber got as many good pets out of Crystl as she could.

They were tired, from their journeys. It was obvious. Yet nobody wanted to go to sleep, because what fun is that? First one to turn in is a rotten egg.

Alright so we didn't end up staying up too late, the excitement wore off quickly, once we started passing around yawns.

The next morning sure was interesting. Eleanore spent the first half and hour hiding from everyone, crouching under baby bouncers, leaning behind Daddy's legs. Charlie seemed to warm up to everyone extremely quickly, which was the opposite of how he used to handle unfamiliar faces (we welcomed this change of character). And Evelyn, as seen in the pictures above, got along with everyone just fine.

We made a big breakfast of potatoes, pancakes, bacon and eggs, and then later on in the day, went down to Christopher's work for a tour, and then played around by the airplanes.

The boys walked around the planes, talking engines and wings, while us girls (and Charlie) played in the shade of a B-52, occasionally ducking from a hornet as it doubled checked us out to make sure we weren't packing pollen.

It wasn't really my thing, ya know? I just kinda stood back and observed most of it through my lens, capturing it on record for everyone else, the way that I typically do, and the way that I'd wish someone would do for me.

I did however, have to dive in and check inside of little mouths, looking for broken teeth, after a nose dive or two off of the tip of a bomb. I've still got the green and brown bruised shins to prove my loyalty.

It didn't take long for the baby to start getting hungry, and the hornets became more unfriendly by the minute.

We hopped into our cars and headed for home.

To Be Continued...

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