Flashback Friday- Five Years

Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm going to make this short, and sweet.

This Saturday is our 5 year wedding anniversary.

There are no words, to describe the love that my husband and I have for with each other.

Its almost as if we were cut out of the pages of separate magazines, and then glued down together, side by side, right in the center of life and love, on a very beautiful and elaborate collage board.

Okay, so maybe there are words. But the way that I put them together still doesn't do our unity justice.

I wrote about our wedding day around this same time last year. I'm going to go back and read the post here in a minute, because even though I was there and lived it, I wonder how I remembered it 365 days ago? Was it different than I remember it today? Is it different from the way that I'll remember it tomorrow?

If you want to read about it (and see the pictures, of course), click here: Our Wedding Day.

(And while I'm sending you off to look at things, if you haven't already, maybe you'd like to go here to enter to win some really cute and functional booties that actually do the trick of staying on babies feet? I've never felt so strongly about a bootie in my life, haha).

So heres what we do. Every week we dig through our memories- old cell phone pictures, polaroids from 1986, something that you pulled out of a dirty shoe box- and we flashback to it. We show it off, and we write about it. We take ourselves back to that place, with as little or as much detail as our hearts are willing to share. Scan it, upload it, copy and paste it from your livejournal (remember those?)- display your memories in whatever way works for you. And then grab out button way down at the bottom of the page there (or link back old fashioned text style), add it to your flashback, add your link to our flashback, and if you've got an extra minute- maybe browse around and read some of the flashbacks left by others. Its just for fun. And really- memories are too precious to be left in an old dirty shoe box.

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