Flashback Friday: Chasing llamas

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Earlier today a picture flashed across the screen, and I knew instantly that I had to flashback about it later tonight (which is now).

Last time my mom was in town visiting, she saw the same picture flash across the screen (our screen saver is a slide show), and she got all excited and shouts "I just saw Christopher with llamas!".

...Um, and?

"They looked just like our llamas! But they couldn't be!", she confusingly adds to it.

...Okay, Mom. Seriously? How many llamas do you think Christopher is going around chasing? Do you think we're part of the chase-your-llama club that gets together every other Saturday?

Well we are, but- those were your llamas.

On a trip back home a few years ago, Christopher and I had been hanging around out back by the old rotted barn, when out of nowhere my parent's dog goes crazy and starts chasing the llamas. Well, llamas kick hard, and we didn't want the dang dog dying of a hoof to the head, so Christopher hopped the fence, put himself into motion, and ran after her.

It was hilarity at its best.

Llamas spitting and stomping around, the dog chasing after them, and then waayyyy behind the dog, arms and legs flopping around like a Sasquatch- was Christopher.

When it came time to walk past them, he thought that if he awkwardly tip toed, that they wouldn't see him there. Like he was wearing an invisibility cloak, only... he totally wasn't.

I wish I would have gotten a picture of him running.

Some more pictures from that afternoon, of the non llama variety...

Steph, Andy, Christopher.

You can't fight being awesome. It comes naturally.

Steph is Christopher's sister, Andy is her husband, and then in that last picture Christopher's Mom is hanging out there on the right side.

Side note: I've never been in a "jumping shot". Ever. In my life. Something probably needs to be done about that, right? I feel like it should be mandatory.

I was there though, hiding behind my pink fingerless gloves, and trying to look as casual as possible while gazing at the clouds, while knowing that somebody was taking my picture.

So anyways, thats that.

Now if you don't mind, we have to get up early tomorrow for another chase-your-llama meeting.

So heres what we do. Every week we dig through our memories- old cell phone pictures, polaroids from 1986, something that you pulled out of a dirty shoe box- and we flashback to it. We show it off, and we write about it. We take ourselves back to that place, with as little or as much detail as our hearts are willing to share. Scan it, upload it, copy and paste it from your livejournal (remember those?)- display your memories in whatever way works for you. And then grab out button way down at the bottom of the page there (or link back old fashioned text style), add it to your flashback, add your link to our flashback, and if you've got an extra minute- maybe browse around and read some of the flashbacks left by others. Its just for fun. And really- memories are too precious to be left in an old dirty shoe box.

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