Goodmorning Sunshine

Monday, February 21, 2011

When we were pregnant with Eleanore, we were gifted an old used crib by my parents. Not used by them for me, but used by one of my Dad's work friends, not so gently, but with a good amount of use and love left in it.

As Eleanore grew out of it, and Charlie grew into it (keep in mind that the crib, by this point, had moved homes several times), we decided to freshen it up by painting it white. A brighter color to bring light to the room, and maybe cover up some of the scuffs and scratches that had accumulated.

When Charlie moved out of the baby bed recently, just a month or two ago, we had to make the painful decision of taking the crib apart, and putting it away (throwing it away) for good. I had always thought that all of my babies would use the same crib, but it just so happened to get worn out at the exact same time as the drop side ban took place.

The same night, in fact, that we heard about the new ban on drop side cribs, Christopher went into Charlie's room, where the crib hadn't yet been taken apart, but was instead just pushed into the shadows of Charlie's new toddler bed- and he applied pressure to the rail, just to see if a dangerous drop was possible (because no way could our innocent baby bed be the death trap that its accuse of being).

The side collapsed. Dangit.All he did was go in there and touch it, and the thing fell apart (good thing our babies have never been crib jumpers). So anyways, the crib had to go. We said our goodbyes, and then just the other day, the tax return fairy brought us a new one.

A nice little cozy nest for baby Evelyn

Not bad, right? It looks pretty comfortable, with the assortment of soft colorful blankets draped about, the elephant friend music projector at the foot, right there beside the window, and underneath her beautiful embroidered "bean" plaque.

Well lets see what Miss Evelyn thinks of it...

Oh thats right. Somewhere around 3am, she must have gotten lonely, and hungry, and when all of Daddy's soothing and singing failed to rock her back to sleep, she could only find comfort on my breast.

So she woke up in our bed with us.
So much for her new nest.

It looks like I wasn't the only one not too happy about having to sleep uncomfortably in order to prevent babies from getting rolled over onto. Kitty couldn't come get her routine morning pets, because surprise! The loud obnoxious red headed kitten was in her spot.

And the whole reason that we had to get a crib anyways, is because Evelyn, in case you haven't noticed, has gotten kind of huge. Look at her there, taking up an entire half of the bed. If shes doing that, then where in the heck am I supposed to sleep? God forbid I actually have to touch my husband overnight (he twitches in his sleep and it wakes me up, so that was only partially sarcasm)!

Oh Evelyn. I don't mind. So I woke up not being able to feel my arm, my neck has a permanent kink in it, and the entire left upper half of my body froze in order to keep the blankets as far away from your face as possible- its okay.

But hey, maybe tonight lets try to sleep here...

Just an idea.

I love you no matter where you sleep. Even though I'd prefer to have my half of the bed all to myself, with nothing and nobody touching me.

Oh, and just an FYI...

I wear a toe ring now.

I just thought everyone should know.

Mama's, make sure you ditch those old drop side cribs. And babies, make sure you sleep well for the Mama's.

Evelyn that includes you.

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