Flashback Friday- A Happy Birthday To A Best Friend

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm happy to say that this week has been much better than last week, although- things still aren't quite back to being one hundred percent (but really, will they ever be?).

But rather than filling up this space with a end of the week ranting recap, I'm going to dig into my photo box, and pick out the very best memories I have- for Kalii.

Today (because I'm writing this on Thursday night) is my best friends birthday. Earlier this week I had a moment of panic, where I had completely forgotten what day she was born on, cried hysterically on the couch, and send her a text message of all things, because I was too much of a mess to form words with my mouth, and apologized. Luckily, she understands what I'm going through lately, and forgave me without question.

Her opinion matters more to me than anybody elses, ever, so her forgiving me was like a jump start to my heart. What kind of Monster forgets their best friends birthday, anyways?

She knows me better than anybody. Christopher is catching up, due to his convenient location of sharing a bed with me, but- she will always understand me better than anybody else. And I, to her.

We call this picture "Fat Hand".

Kalii and I met in high school. We had a crappy dance class together, which she dropped out of (lucky), and then later on a study hall. We ran into each other at a show in Portland one night (Further Seems Forever, and A New Found Glory), both of us had gone alone. We ended up hanging out together that night, and then after that we were inseparable. We met up for coffee at the bookstore a few nights later, and then started going to shows together, and the next thing we knew, we were sharing penguin print pajama pants and I was falling asleep on her living room couch every other night.

We talk like each other. People ask if we're sisters.

We've only ever been in one fight.

She was there on my wedding day.
And I'll be there on hers (congratulations again, bride to be).

She wasn't able to come for the birth of my first baby, but I called her 1,000 times while I was in labor. I had been scheduled to be induced on a specific day, but my water had broken before then. She didn't have her phone with her, so I kept calling and leaving her voice mails. Every hour, I'd call her. I'd tell her how much it hurt when I was having a contraction, and during the calm moments, beg for her to answer. ...so in a way, she was there.

She flew to Texas shortly after. And she knew exactly how to love Eleanore. It came as natural to her, to love my baby, as it did to me. And thats why shes the Godmother of all 3 of my children.

We flew back home to Portland, that next Christmas (2006)...

Kalii & Eleanore

Driving around town

Taking pictures of ourselves drinking mochas?

Hanging out at her Mom's house

aaaand being absolutely awesome on the night before I went back home

I cried like a baby when I had to say goodbye. Because this time, saying goodbye to her was real. The time before that, when I had gone away to meet my husband at his basic training graduation in Texas, and to have my baby and start my new life as a mother and military spouse- I thought I'd be moving back. I thought the Air Force would take us home to Washington.

I was young and stupid.

So this time when I said goodbye, I knew that Portland wasn't my home anymore, and that "goodbye" meant, I'll see you when I see you, rather than, breakfast at The Paradox next week?

But we somehow managed to come back 8 months later, for Eleanore's first birthday.

And then shortly after that, she flew back out to Texas, for my first art show...

Eleanore just had to pick her nose, didn't she?

It was a short visit, that last one, but it sure was fun. We road tripped to Oklahoma City, we listened to good music, we stayed at an internet friends house, we got to go to a cool no-boys-allowed art show, and before she went back home we went to the zoo.

But that was the end of our frequent visits. When I became pregnant with Charlie, it was clear that we wouldn't be able to fly back home again. We could never afford it.

So a year went by.

And then another.

But for my 25th birthday, in May of 2009, she came back. To celebrate my quarter life, to crawl around on the floor playing kitty cats with Eleanore, and to meet Charlie for the first time...

I don't know how I didn't take more pictures that trip. I think I was so caught up in the 3 day moment, that my brain didn't even register how quickly it would pass me by.

When I took her to the airport, it was the hardest goodbye we've had yet. I cried so hard, on my way out to my car, that a complete stranger stopped me to ask me if I was okay. By the time I got to my car, my phone rang. Kalii was inside the airport bathroom, doing the exact same thing I was.


I'm crying right now, while I write this. Never in my life have I missed anybody so much. When I talk to her on the phone, which is rare (its hard, ya know?), my entire day changes. Anything that was hurting me, is suddenly pain free. Any worries that I may have had, gone. She makes me smile. She makes me laugh. She brings out the part of me that has been buried under thousands of dirty diapers and hundreds of empty plastic bags from trips to the grocery store. She brings me to life.

We skyped, recently. She got to "meet" Evelyn. She got to see my red hair. I got to see her new short curls, and her naked Christmas tree slumped against a corner in her apartment that I've never been to. It was awkward at first, not having talked to her face to face in a year and a half, and here we were saying "what?!" over and over again, because we couldn't hear each other, through a screen. But when we ended the call- I couldn't stop smiling. My spirits had been lifted. It was kind of like I had never moved away. Like there hadn't been years stacking up between us.

We were back at the warped tour, dancing on stage to our favorite bands, and driving through flat lands looking for rest areas.

We were eating biscuits at My Fathers Place.

We were meeting at midnight for a Dennys cup of coffee, a gawk at the mullet and his wife spending their life savings at the stuffed animal crane machine, and a drive around The Couv in our matching brightly colored Ford Escorts.


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