Hello Big Boy Bed

Monday, December 6, 2010

A few days ago I noticed Charlie doing the one leg over the side of the crib thing, when he didn't want to go to sleep. You know what I'm talking about? Hes never really been a climber though, so I knew it was all for show. Plus, once he got his leg up there, he got it stuck, started crying, and threw a terrible fit with his leg linked over the rail. I tried not to laugh as I pulled him off of it, layed him back down and covered him up.

"Goodnight, Charlie. Stay in your crib. Mommy loves you".

Later that same day, we were outside playing, with the garage door open so that the kids had access to all of their outside toys- when his big boy bed, that we had originally gotten for his 2nd birthday, which is in less than a month (omg), but had attempted to give to him early shortly after his baby sister arrived (that failed)- anyways so I saw the bed leaning up against the wall in the corner, and out came the words...

"Charlie do you want to sleep in your big boy bed tonight?"
"BIG BOY BED!!", he shouted back at me.

Yes usually means no, with him, but we figured it was worth a try. At the very worst, he'd throw a fit, we'd put him back into the crib, and that would be that.

So Christopher and I took the bed upstairs, Chris carrying the frame, me carrying the mattress (what? mattresses are heavy too, I'm not lazy I swear). We set it up beside Charlie's crib, which was also Eleanore's crib at one time, and soon will be Evelyn's, and said "there ya go!".

He dove into it face first.
...this could really be happening.

And that was 3 days ago.

So this morning before heading up the stairs to sing my rise and shines, I grabbed the camera, flung the door open, and...

Good morning!!!

Now keep in mind that Charlie thinks that there is an entire audience of people inside of my Canon (which there kind of is), so anytime I try to take pictures of him, he wants to show y'all everything, all at once-


Puppy Lovey!

And look! I can get right out of my bed and get books off of the shelf!
...now where did I put that George book?

Found it!
Now where were we?

Oh yes, right about here!!

And that, my friends, is why you should never ever ever give a toddler a nice book as a gift.

No matter how far back on that closet shelf you put it.
No matter how many times you say "no no, we do not rip the pages out of our books!".
No matter what.

It will get ruined.

"Yook at page! Bobby, uh oh! Page!"

...yeah yeah, Charlie, I think I got that. Thanks.

But of course, he doesn't care. Its still the same George book that was gifted to him, and he still loves it just as much as he did when he tore out page number one.

...its just a little harder to read now, thats all.

(Dr. Evil?)

My little boy grows up more and more every day. If you look closely in the all of the pictures, you can see the cute bad ass and totally tough black eye that hes got going on. A fight with the baby gate by the bathroom, or a mean brawl with a bear? ...we may never know.

Bye bye crib.
Hello big boy bed.

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