Evelyn's First Boyfriend

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Now I'm not sayin' that I want my kids to be dating by the time they get into kindergarten or anything, but- Evelyn's got her first boyfriend.

Exaggerating. Of course.
But not really.

Meet Judah. The cool kid from down the street. Hes younger than Evelyn, mind you, by 2 weeks or so. Their due dates were actually just one day apart, but she wanted out, and he wanted to stay in, so- she's a cougar cub, so what.

They totally copy each other. If his fist is in the air, so is hers. If her tongue is sticking out, so is his. If hes drooling, then-

...ok well I guess they are babies, and theres only so much they can do.

Hes the wild one in the relationship.

I'm a freakin' baby, waaah!

And shes the quiet one, layed back and peaceful.

Soo, are you gonna give me a teddy bear or something?

So they nuzzle feet...

And almost hold hands...

And then they both go back to their Mamas, rest their dreamy little heads down on our swaying shoulders, and fall asleep in cute little puddles of their own drool.

Ahh, young love.

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