Evelyn June- 3 Months Old

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Miss Evelyn June, who is currently sitting on her Daddy's lap while he does his history homework on the netbook, is growing.

3 months have already passed us by, since she entered our lives. Three, months. Can you believe that? Or are you looking at the clock on the wall, wondering where the time went too?

No longer wearing preemie clothes. Not a newborn threading in sight. Done with the 0-3. This big girl is bustin' seams and sproutin' rolls left and right. We're rockin' the 3-6 month now, baby.

...Mama makes cream, instead of milk.

She wakes up with us at 6:00 every morning, after sleeping through the night with no more than just a whimper for a bink, and then shortly after a few rounds of nursing, goes right back to sleep.

And she sleeps, and she grows, and she sleeps.

Being the third child, there are a couple of things that may have slipped my mind, in the picture taking department, this time around.

Like her first bath.
I never took pictures of her first bath.

Or her second, or third, or-

It happens, though, right? Ten years from now I don't think I'll care that I don't have pictures of her bathing when she was skin and bones. I think I'll much prefer to see her all plumped up for bubble time.

Gah, the cheeks!
They kill me, kid.
You're so beautiful.

I have no idea what happened to all of the hooded towels in the house. We had at least five, and it seems they've all vanished.

Good thing I bought two at a garage sale before you were born.

Seriously, where'd they all go?

Your rubber band wrists are starting to take shape, and I couldn't possibly love it more.

Really, what is that look all about?

Oh, right. Maybe its because your big sister just stepped on your head? She must not have seen you laying there on the giant stuffed dog.

Your stink eye sure is cute.

Oh Evelyn. Getting to know you is beyond words.
Even when you keep your Daddy and I from getting anything done. Even when you leave me surprises on my shoulder and in my hair. And especially, when you create an entire load of laundry, as if you weren't ever wearing a diaper in the first place.

The best 3 months.
I mean that.

This girl is going places.

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