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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Could y'all do me a big favor? Could you take just a minute or more to appreciate some of the wonderful blog owners, crafters, mothers, and indie business owners that support us? Without them, I wouldn't be able to sit here for as long as I do (its my only outlet, really), typing out my thoughts and posting my pictures to go along with them. Please click on the ad spaces over on the right sidebar. Each ad space will you take you to a different Etsy shop, all filled with unique handmade items that are worth taking the time to explore.

This months sponsorship money isn't going to diapering my 1 year old, like it normally would (how many 13 months old do you know in a size 6 diaper?). Instead, I've just made a $50 donation to the American Red Cross, in hopes of helping the people of Haiti. I know that $50 isn't much, but I also know that every little bit helps. When I sit back and look around me, I feel overwhelmed by all of the things that my family and I are blessed with. Our problems suddenly seem simple, and some of them quite honestly, selfish, in comparison. My heart aches for Haiti, but now I can sleep a little more comfortably, knowing that I've done a small part to help.

All of our February ad spaces have been filled up, but if you're interested in advertising with us in the future, you can find more information by clicking here.

And again. Thank you, February sponsors!! We heart you.


Hobocamp Crafts February 4, 2010 at 8:31 AM  

great idea, I donated to Doctors Without Borders and now I feel like I helped even more by you donating. Oh and We Love YOU Too Mrs. Twinkle Pants!

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