2 months down...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I can't keep track of time. Its already been 2 months since Charlie was born. 2 months, really? As I'm typing this, the little man is sleeping in my lap with his head resting on my arm. This is how I usually type, seeing as how he hates to be put down. Even after hes fallen into the deepest of sleeps and I so slowly and carefully move him from my lap to his swing (I don't even attempt the bassinet anymore, its never good), he refuses. At first it seems like maybe it will work. I hover over him for a few minutes, holding my breath, not making a noise, just waiting for a flinch or whimper. As soon as the coast is clear, I walk away. And then within seconds of turning my back... how dare I abandon him?! I rush to him, before he opens his eyes, stroke his hair and say "awwww, mommy loves you, here I am, here I am, goo goo, goo goo Charlie" over and over again, trying to trick him into thinking hes still in my lap. Pffft, please mom, I'm not falling for that crap- says his imaginary thought bubble. ...dang it!

This morning we went to the base clinic for Mr. Man's (oh we've got endless ridiculous nicknames for him) 2 month well baby checkup. Christopher offered to let me sleep in (if 6:30 is sleeping in), and said he'd take him. *long pause* ...What?! Are you kidding me? Us moms, we live for this stuff. This is the part of the parenting job where you get to hear the doctor tell you how beautiful your baby is, and how good you're doing, and everything else that your friends and family have probably told you, but you need to hear from the doctor. I don't want to hear secondhand how much weight hes gained. I don't want to get tossed a piece of paper with his stats on it, never having heard from the doctor's mouth that the small hole in his heart has possibly closed up. Seriously, dads... you stay home and sleep in this time (wow, a whopping hour. You really do love me), this is the only type of doctors appointment I'll ever enjoy going to.
Pfffft, sleep in.


Melissa March 4, 2009 at 3:03 PM  

They do grow fast don't they. Mine will be 6 months old in a few days.

And that's the same thing my husband said as we were going in for my 3yr old to get tubes in his ears. Yea, right! Like I'm sleeping in for any of the kids Dr visits or hospital stays! It figures they would let us "sleep in" on days like that. LOL

ElegantSnobbery March 5, 2009 at 12:22 AM  

WHAT? He is two months old already? How is it humanly possible that I haven't even met him yet?

Okay, Tia, we need to make plans for you to bring your little troop over to my house, and soon! Do you have a day free next week?

Needs Coffee To Live March 5, 2009 at 7:24 AM  

I know the "Put-baby-in-the-swing-and tip-toe-away" game all too well. In fact, I played it last night! And this morning! And probably will again tonight! Apparently it never gets old.... at least I know I'm needed :-)

And yeah, doctors appointments are a Mommy's domain. Hands down. Dad's can tag-a-long if they want to :-)

Christopher And Tia March 5, 2009 at 7:33 AM  

See! I knew I wasn't the only one that would pass up sleeping in (again, thanks for the generous offer dads) for a meeting with the pediatrician!

I know Marissa. Seriously, we need a date. Badly.

Anonymous,  March 5, 2009 at 5:42 PM  

There's no way that he's 2 months! Are you sure?! It seemed just like yesterday that I was picking your beautiful,makeuped (yes I just made a word i think) body up from base. AAAWWWW CHARRRLLLAAAYYY!!!

(I totally forgot my blogger password! sad day!)

Oh Mandie! March 5, 2009 at 8:32 PM  

aww Tia, what an adorable lil chunky monkey you have - and holy moley does he have ALOT of hair!!

Relish in these days woman, they go by so fast ♥

Pattie Cordova March 6, 2009 at 11:29 AM  

I was just like this with my bebe. He's beautiful!

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