Sweet Saturdays.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Every Saturday my daughter and I have a date in the kitchen. This is our one time a week that we have one on one time with each other. We don't allow any disruptions from Daddy or baby brother. Its just her and me. We both put on aprons, a pink Dora one for her, a black skeleton one for me (I need a new one by the way, Christopher, ahem, for my birthday, ifyaknowwhatI'msayin'). She sits on the counter and helps me dump ingredients into a bowl, and then holds the wooden spoon like a magic wand and "stirrr, stirrr, stirrr"s. Really, she makes a great big mess, and I have to constantly remind myself that shes only two years old, ignore that my gluten free flours cost a fortune, and let her have her fun splashing rice and sorghum flours up into the air, onto her pants, and onto the ground. And once the flour has made it out of the bowl, I'll probably be hearing "Oh no! I making a mess!" over and over again until she decides she ready to get down. I reassure her that we'll clean it up later, and offer her a taste of the batter or dough. Everything that we bake on Sweet Saturdays is vegan, so I have no problems letting her scoop it into her mouth. Usually it ends up on her cheek and up her nose anyways. We make up our own recipes to bake every weekend. Last weekend I was unoriginal and we went with "yummy yummies", which was Eleanore's interpretation of "muddy buddies". Before I left for the gym, I told her we'd make muddy buddies when I got back, but she heard me wrong, and now they'll forever be called "yummy yummies". Cute right? In the past we've made pumpkin blueberry muffins, mock chocolate donuts, sweet potato coffee cake, homemade "Oreo" cookies... is your mouth watering yet? I'm not sure what we're going to be making today, but I recently bought a mini muffin pan that I've been dying to use. Maybe we'll make the pumpkin blueberry muffins again, with a single blueberry in each miniature muffin. Anyone want to come over for a snack...

Something else that makes today Sweet? We're giving away one dozen Toffee Cookies from etsy seller sugarplusspice!! The winner? ...Smooshy! I asked Christopher to call out a number, he said 139, and then I sat here going through each entry figuring out who was qualified and who was not, until I reached lucky entry number 139. Congratulations!! And if you're not Smooshy, don't worry, next week we'll have another super sucky suck-day that you're all more than welcome to enter.

If you would like to sponsor a future suck-day giveaway, please email me, or send me a convo in my etsy shop. Thanks!


ElegantSnobbery February 28, 2009 at 11:14 AM  

Aw, what a sweet (literally - haha, I suck at jokes, too) tradition!! Lucky little Elie! I bake with the girls every week, but usually only when I'm craving something like chocolate cake or sugar cookies. But they always fight over who gets to stir and who has more batter on their spoon, so its not quite as nice sounding as your story!

Elie is a lucky little girl

fly tie February 28, 2009 at 12:00 PM  

nothing like a made up recipe for some sweet goodies. everytime i get in the kitchen to follow a recipe for something sweet, i end up ditching the instructions within the first couple minute and do my own thing (i do this with most recipes though). haven't been disappointed yet.

pumpkin blueberry muffins sound divine.

jessicajane February 28, 2009 at 12:40 PM  

we call yummy yummies, puppy chow. I dont know why or how..but I know Tim never heard it called that, or ever had it before. So I made it a few months ago.

Can I join in on sweet Saturday when I get there??!

Parallax March 1, 2009 at 6:26 AM  

What a perfect mom-daughter tradition -- mess and all. She wouldn't have any good stories to tell later if all the flour stayed in the bowl. (And thanks to your list I'm eye-ing my own mixing bowl for something sweet...)

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