Yay somebody won!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Congratulations to Andreashops for winning this weeks suck-day giveaway!! Hurray! *star confetti everywhere*. Andreashops you are now the proud owner of 24 personalized Thanksgiving stickers, so kindly given to you by SimplyEmbellish, and a set of 4 fall tree note cards by the fabulous fivedot. Both shops this week were extremely generous, and its been a pleasure working with them. Thanks SimplyEmbellish and fivedot!!

If you didn't win, turn that frown upside down. Next week we've got another great double giveaway. I won't tell you what you'll be winning, but I will tell you that you can scope out the goods at zulidesigns and thepeach. Its going to be good, trust me.

-"100ish Hand Punched Recycled Paper Stars", by silvergelatin, $1.00.

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