Confetti Friday!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!! We cooked for about 7 hours, and then sat down to an allergen free Tia-safe Thanksgiving dinner that was worth every back breaking second spent in the kitchen. We made everything from scratch, right down to raising and baking our own bread for the stuffing. We don't mess around folks, we mean business. Miss Eleanore Sue is very excited to decorate the Christmas tree today, and thinks that Santa will be here at any second. And in baby related news, I've stopped taking my anti labor pill in hopes of functioning like a human, and we're going to let Charlie get here when he gets here.

Confetti time!! Blogspot user ms-texas is this weeks Monday suck-day winner! And what a holiday filled fun-tastic package shes won! ms-texas, 6 handmade holiday cards by blueleaves, and some gorgeous cranberry soap by SudsNSuch, are all yours! Suddenly last Monday's suckage doesn't seem so bad, huh? Thank you so much to both of our wonderful sponsors for giving us such perfect holiday items to giveaway this week, we all appreciated it!

-"White Snow Flake Snowflakes Punches different sizes- 100", by
jleighdesignz, $2.50.


J. Leigh Designz November 28, 2008 at 11:04 AM  

Great Blog! Thanks for showing me off :) I'll be sure to be back on Mondays hehe!!

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