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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Did anyone else ever listen to Nerf Herder? "We went to Sears for pictures, at Christmas time, but they wouldn't let us make the metal sign". This is the result of our sad attempt at a family portrait. Christopher and I both have lazy eyes, and Eleanore refuses to look at the camera. I guess it turned out perfect in a Clark Griswold kind of way. So we'll keep it. I wore my favorite dress yesterday. A floral print halter. Eleanore wore a dress too. That's actually the dress she wore on her 1st birthday, that she now wears as a shirt. It was far too cute to retire. I always wanted a little girl, so I could dress her up in frilly bows and dresses. I was blessed with Eleanore instead. She'll sit still while I decorate her in pink dotted dresses, but as soon as I go anywhere near her dirty blond locks with leopard print hair clips or Lacy headbands ...no way Mama, not this baby. Maybe as she gets older she'll see the importance of wearing pretend animal prints in her hair. I couldn't possibly put a price on seeing my daughter wearing a red dress opposite black and white striped headband. *sigh*. So lets see here. Our new family portrait needs a frame doesn't it? This one looks perfect. Pick it up from mokakids for a worthy price $15.00. Until next time folks! I've got some children's pink unicorn recipe cards to make...


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